Friday, May 26, 2006

.720 How Does He Do It?

We are officially over with regular season baseball. We will start the City Tournament Wednesday. Eric has has a teriffic year. I sometimes wonder were it comes from but he is blessed with a special gift. He is amazing. He has had 50 at bats and hit 36 of those and walked 10 of them for a whopping .720 average!!! He had 4 doubles and 2 triples and 33 RBI's and scored 27 times. This is his last year in Majors 2 next season we move up to Majors, where he will spend his last two years of little leauge. Posted by Picasa


melissa said...

I love baseball! and his average is awesome :) great pictures too

Anonymous said...

We're thrilled You are having such a great season. God has given you a special gift!!!! Grndpa and Grndma K

smkh1117 said...

Congrats on the great baseball season! I always love watching live sports!


Anonymous said...

If there was no baseball I would have no life!
Aunt Anne