Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Football is now in full swing! Eric's first game is this Saturday. Tonight they had a practice game. Eric is starting for defense and offense he plays corner back and left gaurd. We pray that he does not get hurt! For baseball is his LOVE! He alreay has told us both that he can't wait for baseball to start! Crazy we say! Posted by Picasa

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Lynn said...

I know it is difficult to watch them sometimes because you are afraid that they may get hurt. My 17 year old played football for 1 season, that same year his older brother got badly injured playing on the HS football team and that was it for the 17 year old. He was like I'm not doing that sport anymore, I have a wrestling career. I laughed at that moment, but he never did play football on a team again. He is wrestler all year round.