Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!!!!!

I LOVE this man with all my heart! He has been SO good to me. He has always showed his love for me and has always told me he was proud of me even when I know maybe he wasn't so proud! And that means ALOT to me! He is a HARD worker and is living life to the fullest! He is a go getter and if he dosen't know it, he will LEARN it. He has a beautiful home and a beautiful wife and lets nothing pass him by. You are great Dad, You are in my thoughts everyday!!!!! I Love You and Miss You a TON!!!!!!!!!!!
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Jill said...

Happy father's day to him! Sounds like a great dad and a great guy!

Janeil said...

Haha I bet dad got all teary eyed when he read this.